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Jewish Art and Judaica in Watercolor, Pastel, and Pencil

Celebrating Jewish Heritage and Judaica through Art

Jewish art dates back to Biblical times. The original Jewish artist was Betzalel. He is mentioned in the Torah as the artist in charge of building the the Tabernacle ‘filled with wisdom, insight, and knowledge…to weave designs, work with gold, silver, and copper…stone cutting…wood carving to perform every craft.’ (Exodus 31:3-5) Since then, Jewish art has depicted a variety of themes in Jewish life and experience. This includes historical and present experiences, and Judaica ritual objects used at home or in the synagogue.

Every Picture of Jewish Art Tells a Story

There’s a story behind each piece of my art because every Jewish holiday has specific traditions and objects linked to its celebration. Each Judaica object boasts a unique design and form, shaped by its role in religious observance. It’s these things that inspire me to create Jewish art expressing the essence and meaning of the Jewish holidays and timeless Judaica objects. My goal as an artist is forging connections between the viewer and the art, creating a positive emotional and educational experience.

Recent Watercolor Art

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